About Us

The Whimsical Woodsman and Friends was born in April of 2016 when the original Whimsical Woodsman photo series went viral and was featured in multiple news outlets around the world. Since then, we have gathered many more beardiful men and fans along the way. When you purchase from our site, you're helping to fund programs that support children in crisis situations. Portions of our sales go directly to children's charities including our own non-profit, Books to the Rescue! Yavapai County, and other Whimsical Woodsman projects. We think the world could use a little more sunshine--and there's nothing more lovely than being comfortable with your own self. Our guys are here to be examples of loving ourselves, and each other, unconditionally.

The Whimsical Woodsman and friends official mission is to raise awareness for body acceptance, raise funds for kids in crisis, and spread a little whimsy far and wide. We're Saving the World, One Beard at a Time. Would you like to learn more? Click on the icons below for featured articles, and remember, you're beardiful!